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Welcome to the new Keysoe Cuddle Therapy Ponies website! Our team of specially trained ponies based in North Bedfordshire provide a unique equine animal-assisted therapy service to individuals, schools, hospitals, hospices, care homes and those in need.

We offer alternative education and therapy sessions to people around the UK, empowering them with a sense of purpose and a place where they feel safe, comfortable and able to truly express themselves.

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Based at Keysoe International, the Keysoe Cuddle Therapy Ponies main aim is to help and support adults and children who suffer with conditions such as anxiety, depression, trauma, stress and learning difficulties. But we strongly believe that all people can benefit from animal-assisted therapy, so all are welcome!

Keep scrolling to find out more about the benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy, or use the links at the top of the page to meet the ponies, the latest updates and more.

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What is Animal Assisted Therapy?

Animal-assisted equine therapy is a well-established therapeutic practice, which can be traced back to the Ancient Greek times. The gentle and calm nature of horses, allow them to be ideal partners to help children and adults better deal with mental, emotional and even physical health issues.

Scientific research has shown that there are many physical, psychological and emotional conditions that can benefit from animal-assisted therapy, such as ADHD, Austism, PTSD, Depression, Dementia and Chronic pain. Horses are extremely receptive and responsive to a person’s body language, emotion and energy, which makes for a beautiful therapeutic bond, with absolutely no pressure or judgement attached.

How does it help?

There are many ways in which it can benefit people, including:

Reducing stress and anxiety
Improving self esteem, confidence and trust
Encouraging communication and sharing
Improving mental and physical well-being
Providing a tangible connection to animals and nature
Managing emotions
Encouraging empathy
Encouraging the building of relationships
Bringing happiness and a smile!

Who is it for?

Animal Assisted Therapy can benefit everyone but is particularly valuable for:

People with a mental or physical disability
People on the autistic spectrum
Young people
Elderly people, especially those with dementia
Recovering addicts
People with PTSD
Adults and children with illnesses

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